About Us

SOULSPY was established in March 2010 by Ali Tatar and Downstairs Hasan with the mission to have a central platform where music lovers can share rare Soul,Funk and R&B tunes with each other, reminisce about the good old times and keep the spirit of soulful music alive.

Since the foundation of SOULSPY, hundreds of so called “SOULSPIES” got part of the mission and browsed daily through the world wide web in order to find and exchange rare Soul,Funk and R&B tunes with each other. Up to now more than 10.000 music tunes were posted on the official “SOULSPY Fan Page“.

In November 2010 SOULSPY has started with the first event in Berlin and since then SOULSPY became a regular event where people had the chance to listen and dance to the good old Soul,Funk and R&B tunes.

But SOULSPY is not only a music sharing platform and even shouldn´t be reduced to an event, SOULSPY is known for its flair and mixing skills of

  • Soul
  • Funk, Electro Funk
  • New Jack Swing
  • R&B
  • Melodic New Wave and

and a lot of more soulful, funky and groovy music styles.

It was quite obvious, that the SOULSPY founders (Ali Tatar & Downstairs Hasan) made use of the music shared on the “SOULSPY Fan Page” for their own produced SOULSPY Mixes/Remixes. Each SOULSPY mix/remix is characterized by their sense for rare, soulful and good feel music.